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Challenges in Embracing MBD

Recently, MBD has been attracting attention as a method for speeding up the development of complex, high-precision controls without the need for prototypes, and the number of development sites that are working on MBD is rapidly increasing.

However, there are some "barriers" in the actual development process.

For example

While various simulation technologies and tools are evolving day by day, it is difficult to find the optimum hardware and software environment for one's own work

Although a simulation environment has been designed, it is not possible to confirm that it works as expected without actually trying it out

We want to build a simulation environment that is both accurate and fast, but we don't know how to do it

We have installed a new HILS, but we are getting system errors and don't know where to look for the cause

We have been conducting evaluations using actual equipment, but when we start working on MBD with a higher-level policy, we cannot move forward without knowing the skills and concepts required for MBD


If you are a company or person in charge of a company with such problems or issues, please use this service "Physical Model Hub" and consult with TTDC at the same time.


Physical Model Hub is a unique service that provides physical models developed by Toyota Technical Development Corporation (TTDC) on Model based development. The models are provided in units or systems.

The lineup of physical models will be updated continuously to catch up with the evolving demands of the industry.

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